Harold Lloyd – silent film comedian and cheesecake photographer

While shopping at BMV, Toronto’s three-floor used book emporium, my eyes were captured by the garishly coloured cover to Harold Lloyd’s Hollywood Nudes in 3D! While there are a number of great cheesecake collections out there, this one is unique and definitely deserves a recommendation.

  • First, all of the photos are taken by silent comedy film star Harold Lloyd, who starred in such classics as Safety Last!. I understand that Lloyd pursued photography when he had mostly retired from acting.
  • Second, Lloyd was a nut for 3d cameras (as was the late Lux Interior of the Cramps) and a number of the pictures are in 3d. Even better, the book comes with a pair of 3d glasses shaped like Lloyd’s trademark specs.
  • Third, Lloyd had a great eye for talent. He worked with a lot of now famous names, including Marilyn Monroe, Bettie Page, and Tura Santana.
  • Fourth, Lloyd liked to travel. A lot of his cheesecake photos feature stunningly beautiful landscapes.
  • Fifth, Lloyd was a gentleman. He would pick up the models at the agency, take them out for a nice meal at one of his favorite restaurants and then shoot for a half-day before the models got tired. He loved meeting new talent and helped a lot of them get roles and meet people. He didn’t use his photography / fame to exploit others.
  • Sixth, the pictures are great. He had a real eye for shooting and the colours have that stellar, saturated technicolor feel that made the 1950s such a amazing era.

Worth checking out if you can find it. For more information on Lloyd, check out this site.

You can find a gallery of Lloyd’s photos here.

Here are some samples:


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