The Bride Wore Black

Saw the Bride Wore Black this weekend and was very impressed. Darkly humourous, unsentimental, and visually powerful, it is one of Francois Truffaut’s best. Bernard Herrmann delivers a great score that recalls his best work with Hitchcock. Jeanne Moreau gives a stunning performance as a woman dedicated single-mindedly to exacting revenge on the five men responsible for her husband’s murder. Supposedly Truffaut liked it least among his films, but even directors can be wrong.  Says Salon’s Andrew O’Hehir in “The Bride Wore Black: Truffaut’s delicious homage to Hitchcock“:

With its summery, Mediterranean surface, Jeanne Moreau as the ultimate femme fatale heroine and a knife-twisting tale of murderous revenge and unexpected romance, “The Bride Wore Black” is well worth rediscovering.


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