Three…Extremes (2004)

In the fine tradition of Two Evil Eyes, Black Sabbath, and Creepshow, Three…Extremes is a anthology of three separate horror shorts, each directed by a different director. Hong Kong’s Fruit Chan directs Dumplings, South Korea’s Park Chan-wook directs Cut and fan-favorite Takashi Miike directs Box.

Cut, the story of an extra who kidnaps and tortures a famous director and his wife is high on Grand Guignol but forgets to provide any reason for the audience to emotionally invest in the characters or the story. Dumplings, the story of a aging actress who takes to eating fetus-stuffed dumplings in an effort to regain her youthful vitality, is far more successful, recalling the best of the old gory EC comic stories. Box finds Miike uncharacteristically using restraint and suggestion to build suspense and a very perverse creepiness. All in all, worth checking out.

Here’s the trailer.


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