The Seven-Ups (1973)

There is a lot to complain about with this un-official follow-up / sequel to William Friedkin’s vastly superior The French Connection (1971), which it references at every opportunity–foolishly given how it fares in the comparison. A straight-forward policier about the elite 7-up squad (so-called because everyone they bust gets seven years or more), the film details the squad’s efforts to find out why rogue criminals pretending to be cops are kidnapping mobsters. The Seven-Ups is stripped of the moral ambiguity and existentialism that made the French Connection so compelling. However, that said, The Seven-Ups is not without  charm. Fans of ’70s American crime films rich in grit should enjoy the effortlessly cool Roy Schneider bash in a few heads  and drive fast. The following car chase definitely delivers.


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