1990: Bronx Warriors (1982)

Enzo Catellari’s 1990: Bronx Warriors is a blatant Warriors rip-off that draws liberally from Mad MaxEscape from New York and (to my eye) Soylent Green. No longer under the control of the law, the Bronx is a no-man’s land of cartoonish gangs that battle to expand their turf, all loosely overseen by Ogre, the toughest gang leader who rules the Bronx much like a feudal king. This presents no problem to the leading elite of New York until a leading business man’s daughter absconds with Trash, the leader of one of the motorcycle gangs (played rather effeminately by Mark Gregory). Desperate, the elite task a crooked cop with crooked means named Hammer (Vic Morrow in his penultimate movie) to rescue her. Trash and Ogre pair up against Hammer in a battle that goes pretty much the way one expects these types of battles to go (violently, with a lot of motorcycles and explosions).

For all of its lack of originality, 1990: Bronx Warriors is a lot of fun. There are worse films to rip off than the classic 1980s post-apocalyptic action films. The film has a great cast with blaxploitation star Fred Williamson and seasoned character actor Vic Morrow delivering particularly spirited performances. Worth checking out for Italian genre film fans. Apparently the film made enough money to justify a sequel.


One thought on “1990: Bronx Warriors (1982)

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