Sylvia Kristel Interview

This 2007 interview between Emmanuelle star Sylvia Kristel (five years before her death in 2012) and Telegraph writer Mick Brown is surprisingly insightful, covering a range of material from 70s decadence to Harry Nilsson to Jean Arcelin, CEO of Chrysler Jeep Dodge in France and the co-writer of Kristel’s memoir. It is worth reading in full:

The more Kristel talks, the more you find yourself warming to her. She is winningly candid and unapologetic about herself, devoid of any airs or pretensions – someone who has come to regard the switchback journey that life has taken her on with a droll sense of humour and, more importantly, a sense of proportion. While it is true that as an actress she was never able to escape the blessing and curse that was Emmanuelle, she was able to make a career of sorts. ‘There was one director who said I was the type of actress who loses interest after three weeks, and that’s true,’ she admits. ‘It’s very boring to sit on a set and wait until it’s finally your turn. But I know now that no film could have beaten Emmanuelle, box-office wise or in its impact. I got a lot of letters from people – “You saved our marriage” – and so…’

For the rest of the interview, click here.

Above pic from photo blog If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger.


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