Kingston Road Motels

For BlogTO, Derek Flack has uncovered¬†several impressive pics of old-school Scarborough motels from the archives, all that used to occupy space on Kingston Road. Here’s a link to the post in question and what follows are some of the pics.




Colin Geddes interview

Read a worthwhile interview with Colin Geddes–film festival programmer, Kung Fu Fridays mastermind, Hong Kong movie expert, cult cinema blogger, past zine writer and all-around good guy–here. Geddes has been responsible for programming some of the more exciting screenings in this city for many years now.

I was always obsessed with war and science fiction films and comic books. I grew up in the countryside, just outside of Kingston. A lot of that stuff was hard to obtain. This was before the Internet and video tapes. You could only see films in the theatre and late night TV. We only got two channels on a black and white television, so I read up so much on films that I couldn’t actually see until I moved to the big city.

If you want to read more, here is an older article on Geddes’ film preservation efforts.