The Easy Rider Runs Wild in the Andes: Dennis Hopper and The Last Movie

Brad Darrach (previously mentioned here for his book on Bobby Fischer Bobby Fischer v. The World) on the challenged shooting of Dennis Hopper’s The Last Movie in Peru:

Peru has painfully learned to live with earthquakes, avalanches, tidal waves, jaguars, and poisonous snakes. But Dennis Hopper was something else. When the director of Easy Rider arrived in Lima several months ago, a reporter from La Prensa asked his opinion of marijuana (illegal in Peru) and “homosexualism.” Taking a long reflective pull on an odd-looking cigarette, Dennis said he thought everybody should “do his thing” and then allowed that he himself had lived with a lesbian and found it “groovy.” No remotely comparable statement had ever appeared in a Peruvian newspaper. The clergy screamed, the ruling junta’s colonels howled. Within 24 hours the government denounced the article and issued a decree repealing freedom of the press.

You can read the rest of Darrach’s 1970 Life article “The Easy Rider Runs Wild in the Andes” here.


Bobby Fischer in his prime

If looking for a good read on just how much of an entitled ass Bobby Fischer was, consider Brad Darrach’s Bobby Fischer vs. the Rest of the World. It’s not a biography and only covers the 1972 World Chess Championship in Reykjavik, Iceland; that said, Darrach had extensive access to Fischer and Boris Spassky, as well as a number of the key organizers, lawyers, politicians, grand masters, bit-players and other assorted hangers-on.

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