Sylvia Kristel Interview

This 2007 interview between Emmanuelle star Sylvia Kristel (five years before her death in 2012) and Telegraph writer Mick Brown is surprisingly insightful, covering a range of material from 70s decadence to Harry Nilsson to Jean Arcelin, CEO of Chrysler Jeep Dodge in France and the co-writer of Kristel’s memoir. It is worth reading in full:

The more Kristel talks, the more you find yourself warming to her. She is winningly candid and unapologetic about herself, devoid of any airs or pretensions – someone who has come to regard the switchback journey that life has taken her on with a droll sense of humour and, more importantly, a sense of proportion. While it is true that as an actress she was never able to escape the blessing and curse that was Emmanuelle, she was able to make a career of sorts. ‘There was one director who said I was the type of actress who loses interest after three weeks, and that’s true,’ she admits. ‘It’s very boring to sit on a set and wait until it’s finally your turn. But I know now that no film could have beaten Emmanuelle, box-office wise or in its impact. I got a lot of letters from people – “You saved our marriage” – and so…’

For the rest of the interview, click here.

Above pic from photo blog If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger.


Classic Motels

There are few things as entrancing as the American road-side motel. The flash of Googie-styled neon signs. The promise of affordability. The triple spell of air-conditioning, cable television and a swimming pool. Motels are among everything that is right with the US.

The following photographs all come from the “Life and Times of the American Motel series” posted on If Charlie Parker was a Gunslinger. You can access the rest of the series here.

As part of his www-ode to all things MCM / post-war America, James Lileks has a sub-site dedicated to chronicling the Great American Motel that is also worth checking out.