New Worlds Cover Gallery

For many decades the voice of British science fiction, New Worlds varied from being a fan-zine to a professional periodical to a series of paperbacks. It is perhaps most famous today for being the main publication for the British “new wave” of writers: J.G. Ballard, Michael Moorcock, Brian Aldiss, etc.

Published from 1946 through 1979 (re-emerging for sporadic public in the 1990s), New Worlds provides a fascinating source for cover artwork. All the following images come from The Visual Index of Science Fiction Cover art, which hosts a variety of exciting SF artwork. Their New Worlds page is here and their main page is here. Enjoy.




David Pelman’s cover art for JG Ballard covers

Dangerous Minds has posted a collection of artist David Pelman’s iconic covers for the penguin paperback collection of JG Ballard novels. I’ve been collecting these editions for awhile. They’re usually pretty easy to find and can be picked up on the cheap.

Ballard’s work seems to bring out the best in graphic designers. Two others that come to mind are Jerry Bauer’s mirror-like cover for Cocaine Nights and Chris Foss’ enjoyably over-the-top covers for Crash and High Rise (not ideal for subway reading?).

For those still interested, read this interview with Rick McGrath on collecting Ballard novels.